The Ballast Water Management Convention (BWMC) of the IMO will enter into force internationallyon 8. September 2017. With the binding ratification by Finland on 8. September 2016,the signatory states had reached 35% of the world’s gross tonnage.

All vessels on international voyages from 400 GT and above have to carry an International Ballast Water Management Certificate (IBWM Certificate). Ships below 400 GT need no certificate but have to comply with the BWMC with reduced obligations and are not exempted.

New buildings have to be equipped with an approved Ballast Water Treatment Plant from 8.September 2017, the entry into force of the convention. Existing ships have to be in compliance with the ballast water treatment after the entry into force latest until the next renewal ofthe IOPP certificate. The German flag allows the companies (upon application) to decouple the IOPP Certificatefrom the harmonized survey and certification scheme. Until the entry into force of the BWMC,the IOPP certificates may be renewed before their regular renewal time window, in order tohave more time for retrofitting a ballast water treatment plant during the 5 years of validity ofthe new IOPP. Please contact the Ship Safety Division as well as your Classification Society if you like to choose the option of decoupling the IOPP certificate.

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