Turbocharger packs eXtra power for diverse high-speed diesel engine applications

2016-10-11 - New ABB turbocharger set to exploit the potential of current and future high-speed diesel engine platforms.
A turbocharger dedicated to increased uptime, higher

power density and lower operating costs for high-speed diesel (HSD) engines has been launched by ABB Turbocharging at High Horse Power Summit 2016 ahead of commercial product release in 2017.

Named TPX44-H (Turbo Power eXtra), this turbocharger copes specifically with the diverse speed and load operating characteristics and the harsh environmental conditions faced by high-speed diesel engines. Focusing on engines rated from 1 to 3.5 MW the TPX44-H enables exceptional power density for various applications ranging from electric power generation (EPG), to off-highway trucks (OHTs) used in mining.

EPG engines, for example, run under constant-speed conditions, from long running, prime power applications to highly rated standby applications while also operating under severe ambient conditions. OHT engines on the other end of the scale are extremely demanding, cyclical applications required to withstand high temperatures, low air pressure at altitude, and typically high levels of vibration.

Rolf Schweizer, Head of High-Speed Product Group, ABB Turbocharging explained,

“Maximizing uptime under harsh operating conditions was a design priority for our North-America based engineering team. The number of components and functional interfaces has been significantly reduced compared to turbochargers for other large engine applications. This ensures a very robust turbocharger able to tackle the extreme operating profiles of high-speed diesel applications without compromising on performance. With the new TPX44-H we are bringing the well-known reliability and durability of ABB TPS turbochargers to high-speed diesel applications.”

To further extend uptime for operators, ABB engineers have drawn on field-proven experience to increase time between overhauls for the TPX44-H by up to 20,000 running hours from the typical industry performance of 10,000 running hours.

Optimized for high performing diesel engines, the TPX44-H features increased compressor pressure ratio capability enabling up to 20 percent higher power density compared to typical industry ratings. This way the application range of single-stage turbocharging can be extended into areas in which two-stage turbocharging systems are applied today. The modular concept allows various efficiency tunings such as full load optimization for constant-speed EPG applications or part-load optimization for variable-speed OHTs. The wide compressor map characteristic meets market requirements for a wide application range, matching demands on engine builders to standardize an engine platform for multiple applications. The latest trend towards gas engines with diesel-like performance is also well served by the key features offered by the TPX44-H turbocharger.

As with all new ABB turbochargers, the TPX44-H will be validated through a rigorous internal qualification program. These tests take into account the demanding operational and environmental conditions to which the turbocharger may be subject. In addition to the mechanical qualification comprising more than twelve specific tests on ABB’s combustion chamber test rigs, the qualification program is complemented with extensive on-engine and field testing to ensure safe and reliable operation.

The TXP44-H is the first of two frame sizes that will initially be available.

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