17th Nov. 2015

The USCG has issued a Marine Safety Information Bulletin which contains important information on compliance dates. These are relevant for the clarification of the first scheduled drydocking and the offering of an early extension of D2 compliance.

Reference is made to MSIB 13-15, dated 22 October 2015, which is available on the USCG website at Please see below high lighted text from this bulletin.

“First scheduled drydocking” is defined as the start of drydocking (DD). This implies that if the DD is started but not terminated in 2015, this will not be a qualifier for D2 compliance according to the BWM implementation schedule (for existing vessels with total BW capacity of less than 1,500m3 or greater than 5,000m3). So if DD is terminated in 2016, installation of a ballast water management system (BWMS) is not required.

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Keywords: BWM, dry dock, USCG.