10th Sept. 2015
The U.S. Coast Guard detained the 1994-built car carrier P. H in the Port of Tacoma on Wednesday, September 9, citing safety deficiencies as the cause. A Port State Control exam team from Coast Guard Sector Puget Sound conducted a routine Port State and International Ship and Port Facility Security exam aboard the 178 mtr Ro/Ro.

While aboard, the Coast Guard reported discovering multiple areas that did not meet regulations set forth in the Safety of Life at Sea Convention, including a fire detection system that was found to be inoperable. Without a properly functioning fire detection system, a fire on a deck carrying vehicles could have burned without the crew receiving an early warning.

During a Port State Control exam, the Coast Guard inspects fire protection, life saving, machinery, navigation, and pollution control systems as well as assesses the crew’s ability to respond to onboard emergencies.
A vessel that is determined to be substandard is subject to a detention and must remain in port until it can proceed to sea without presenting a danger to persons on board or without presenting an unreasonable threat of harm to the marine environment