A shore supply connection is required so that the ships generators and their prime movers can be shut down for major overhaul during a dry docking period.

There must be a suitable connection box and a power cable - to be connected into the box. The connection box is usually located at the entrance to the accomodation or in emergency generator room.

Ship repair yard or any other contractor responsible for delivery proper size power electric cable and yards electricians response for electric cable connection on ship’s terminals.  However, ship’s electrician or any other responsible person on board has to check follows after shore cable connected to terminals on board:

1. Electric cable proper size and compare with max. protective current on ship’s SHORE SUPPLY SWITCHBOARD circuit breaker to avoid any trips and damaged on board.

2. After properly connected cable shore power to be switched on and tested voltage value, frequency value and phase sequence on shore supply board. Voltmeter and phase meter usually integrated into shore supply board. See attached photo for reference.

3. Before charging automatic circuit breaker located in shore supply switchboard in order to delivery electric power to ship’s grid check and verify that all ship’s generators disconnected from main switch board and stopped, stand by start sequence to be disable on power management system, control by GENSETs to be transferred to main switchboard as local to avoid automatic start.

4. Emergency DG to be changed over to manual mode in case you do need back up power if shore supply interrupted; in case you wish keep your ship live automatic start of EDG preferable.

5. All UPS batteries to be tested for fully charging.

6. Unused sensitive for power surging electronic equipment such as navigation, communication to be connected via UPS to get electric power or switched off for the rest repair period or at least for power change over time.

7. After the mentioned above precaution electric power could be switched on by shore connection box circuit breaker and distributed for ship’s grid.

8. Calculate properly your demanded electric power to avoid overload trip. Use electric power balance table to find power of consumers to be connected and run.

9. In case you need maintain main GENSET’s automatic circuit breakers by withdrawn from switchboard check MSB and ESB electric diagram for interlocking prevention such deals and apply shunt temporary to avoid shore power interruption during inspection.

10. Recover ALL shunts after job have been performed.

Photograph no1 : Front wiew of shore shore supply switchboard with control devices.

Photograph no2: Inside view of shore shore supply switchboard

Photograph no3: View of A.C.B

 Shore supply switchboard     Shore supply switchboard inside   CB

         Photo No 1                              Photo No 2                          Photo No3