In an effort to assist with preparations, kindly find below some basic guidance on items where Paris MOU boarding parties are mainly focusing during their inspections.

  1. Lifeboats:

- Engine must be ready to start with both batteries (one at the time)

- Propeller must be set to Head/Astern with no problems

- Steering system must be fully operational from Port & Strbd.

  1. Rescue boat:

- Engine can be immediately start and run for at least few minutes without problem.

- Steering system must be operational.

  1. Emergency Generator

- Must start with all available starting methods (ie. Batteries / hydraulic starter / spring, etc). – make sure that crew can demonstrate this to the PSC Officers

- Must work ‘onload’ for several minutes – make sure that crew can demonstrate this to the PSC Officers

  1. Emergency Fire pump:

-Must be immediately started and can deliver pressure on the Fire Line to maintain good pressure for at least two fire hoses.

  1. Engine Room:

- Safe Closing Valves MUST be fully operational and ‘uninhibited’

- Engine Room Bilges and all save-alls need to be clean and free of water-oil residues

- Steering Gear must be clean and in good working order

- Following will be tested for alarms: OWS, Oil Mist Detector, Bilge alarms.

6. Bridge:

-Paper Charts & ECDIS (when used for navigation) must be fully corrected and accompanied with an accurate passage plan.

-VDR must be in good order without any alarms on main panel and must alarm when will be tested by the PSC officer.

  1. General Housekeeping always helps to create ‘good impression’ to 3rd parties.

-Special attention must be given to the Galley and Store rooms all areas should be clean and tidy.

  1. Drills must be conducted efficiently and in every detail.

It is advisable to execute few drills scenarios in advance in order to get the crew be more effective during the inspection